Experience and Feel the World Best Technology of Generating Pure Forest Anions by Bluen. Your Life Will Be Changed !
The Environment & Energy Enterprise Bluen's Aim Is Twofold: To Enhance the Health of People by Improving Indoor Air Quality through Anions and To Achieve Energy Saving and Efficiency by Applying LED, Which After All Will Contribute to a Happy Life of Mankind, the Final Goal of Bluen.
Our costumer Emporium Hotel (Tees Club), Smokey Ribs Cafe, ADS Bengkel, Panca Jaya Bengkel, CS II, PT. Wijaya Trikarya sejahtera, Chilounge cafe, CV. Multikon Erindotama, UD Bakti, PT. Mayer and many more...

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  • (021) 58352145
  • fax (021) 5825631
  • Ruko Taman Permata Buana Jl. Pulau Bira Blok D1 No 17 - Jakarta Barat 11610

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